I design thoughtful products informed by intuitive design & strategic kickassery

As an artist and a writer, I was taught that being any good at either requires the discipline to balance creativity and restraint. To that I say:

Look at the container home I designed.

7 years ago I was retrofitting residential foundations in California to protect against earthquakes. I learned to design solutions in an environment where everything could go wrong, and to trust precision over inspiration.

I ship well-crafted products with a focus on improving human agency and social impact.

Long-term mindset

Everything I design is informed by a long-term vision, and supported by goals that are measurable and achievable.


Doing good work is an alchemy that changes with the demands of each project. I learn quickly, and adapt seamlessly.

Data driven

I begin every project by researching and defining the relevant data to validate an idea, and share my discoveries to enhance my team's understanding of our product and users.


Products that are sensitive to diverse needs and environments reach more people, and increase the opportunity to create meaningful impact.


I foster a collaborative, cross-disciplinary design process and share both scope and technical challenges to negotiate thoughtful outcomes.

I love connecting with innovators and artists of all disciplines. Creativity generates unconventional stories, and I consider myself a devoted subject of their power — darkness and all.

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